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Women’s Voices and Women’s Sports Projects
FODIP runs programmes for women from traditional and faith communities in Manchester to meet together in a safe, women only environment to learn and hear from the other and explore difficult issues together.

FODIP’s Project Work

At FODIP, we run a number of projects to help Jews, Christians and Muslims and those of no or other faiths in the UK, explore issues of pilgrimage, conflict, identity and citizenship in the context of Israel and Palestine.

Tough Options

FODIP is experienced in helping groups and individuals explore how we feel about the Holy Land, our differing fears and our shared hopes. Our Tough Options programme is an exciting new project for 14-19 year olds. We will be looking at how global issues, including Israel/Palestine impact on our communities here in Britain.
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Previous Projects

All of Us

What does it mean to be a British citizen? How can we feel at home in a society whose values, culture and even political decisions may raise questions for us? Our recently concluded ‘All of Us’ project looked at the Kulanana project devised by the Israeli citizenship organisation Merchavim; it asked how young people in the UK can similarly consider citizenship and difference and provide models for other young people to do the same.

Facilitation Training

We are happy to provide training in our dialogue facilitation methods on Israel/Palestine.
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Helping the conversation: a FODIP workshop with the Coexistence Trust’s Campus Ambassadors