Training day for project facilitators
Facilitators at work

Are you aged between 14 and 19?

And are you interested in finding out how we can have positive conversations about Israel/Palestine with others?

Then this project is for you.



A 4- session programme will run in Leeds, Manchester and Leicester.
(October, December, January and either February or March).
Each will take place at a city centre venue, usually from 7.30 – 9.00 pm.
We will meet travel costs and may, where possible, provide minibus transport.
The schedule of meetings is available on request, although dates are only provisional at present.


What will the programme involve?

The programme will involve listening to the voices of diverse people – Jews, Christians and Muslims – including hearing from those living in the region. It will explore how we can talk about this in a secure and supportive environment without damaging good relations between communities. Above all, it will promote an understanding of the hopes and fears of those who live in the region and help to challenge positive means of supporting coexistence both there and here.

Who will run the programme?

The programme will be run by FODIP staff and trained facilitators. The programme is monitored by the St Phillip’s Centre, Leicester.

What experience will those delivering the programme have?

FODIP has considerable experience in promoting positive dialogue and in enabling young people to engage with the issues in a positive environment. Its expertise has been proved useful in devising related programmes where issues of the Middle East impact on relations between communities in the UK. In 2010, FODIP developed the Hear to Hear methodology, assisted by ICA-UK, and sponsored by the MB Reckitt Trust; this methodology will be used by the trained facilitators in some of the workshops.

Who is funding the programme?

The programme is funded by a grant from the Department of Communities and Local Government, and from private donations.

Do you have to be Jewish, Christian or Muslim to get involved?

Our facilitators come from all faiths and none. However, the young people on the programme do need to be from one of these backgrounds. This is because the Holy Land is part of the identity of people from these faiths. It is not simply a conflict like any other, but impacts on communal life. It is also a source of tension between members of these different communities.

You can keep in touch through our Tough Options Facebook page or contact us at

We have vacancies for facilitators. If you have some experience, we will train you in the methodology to deliver this exciting programme. See the job description and download the application form here.