Walking the Tightrope

While our work generally involves all faiths and none in dialogue together, each faith does have specific needs and questions to address. This resource is designed for Christians in particular. What are the expectations of Christians who go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land? What should pilgrimage be about?

Travelling to the Holy Land cannot be a neutral activity. Decisions and choices made always affect the people who live there in one way or another. This 30 minute DVD puts the case for a pilgrimage which engages with both the historical stones and the ‘living stones’ – the people of the Land.

The film uses interviews with Jews, Christians and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians, and travels around the holy sites. It asks potential pilgrims to consider how they can bring Christian values to their pilgrimage.

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Produced with support from the United Reformed Church and the Sir Halley Stewart Trust.
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The FODIP Magazine

Issue 1 (Summer 2014): Spaces

The monumental first issue of the Fodip magazine looks at space in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We feature an interview with Joe Grabiner from the educational Sign on the Green Line campaign, which seeks to put the Green Line back on Israel maps, and hear from Toni Rickenback at the UK Task Force for Arab Israeli integration, hearing about the exciting projects currently in place in the region. We also discuss the identity of sacred spaces in conflict zones, and what happens when sacred space is shared. And this issue’s reviews section shines a spotlight on “Uncivil War”, the book telling you how to talk about Israel over dinner – and not have it come to blows!

Read all about these, and many more topics, here: Issue1-Spaces

Talking of Conflict

Christian Reflections in the Context of Israel and Palestine
Jane Clements (Ed)
“For all the progress that has been made on Jewish Christian relations since World War II, Israel is still very much a sore place in the dialogue. Christians are divided in their approach to this issue, as indeed in a different way, are Jews. This is why I welcome Talking of Conflict, with its variety of approaches to the subject, and its reminder that all words used in discussing it are weighted with history and emotion.” Taken from the forward by Richard Harries.
Issues of language, and how we choose to speak about the conflict, are of central importance. We asked the question: how is it possible to have dialogue, when the very ways in which we speak about the conflict feed the problem? So often our discussions become the obstacle to change. Moreover, such discussions can polarise the Christian world, let alone hinder our dealings with our Jewish and Muslim cousins.
Only by learning to work and talk together for the good of others, even where there are fundamental disagreements about the causes, can we hope to be of use to the people of the region. This volume is simply an invitation to continue the dialogue, avoiding the hackneyed cliches and the well-rehearsed rhetoric, and to seek new, creative ways to engage.
Its contributors, Shanthikumar Hettiarachichi, Mark Chapman, Douglas Hedley, Patrick Riordan and Clare Amos, have experience and committed interest in these issues and hopefully something within these pages will strike a definite chord with you, the reader.
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