The Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine

Helping Jews, Christians and Muslims in the UK to talk about the conflict which so often divides us.


FODIP projects have involved over 800 people, many of them under 24 years of age.

FODIP has developed specialised methods and approaches for dialogue and understanding perspectives other than one’s own.


In our 12 year history, FODIP has been privileged to work with many organisations and faith institutions across the UK.

We can provide help and expert advice, including at national level and have provided one-off workshops, events and training.

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Our methodology enables constructive dialogue to help those of all ages to enage with difficult interfaith issues in a safe space.

Not all encounters are easy and some things are difficult to hear. The conflict impacts on our emotions and sense of identity.

Our methodology is designed to highlight the influences and experiences of each participant, and to use the skills of dialogue and focused learning to understand what it means for ‘the other’. Inspiring and developing the leaders of tomorrow through our youth programmes is a priority.

We use a range of activities and tools to assist in this.



Faith & Community Leader

“This has been a very difficult subject for [us] to discuss together as the plight of Israelis and Palestinians is one close to our hearts.

Muslims and Jews don’t always see eye to eye on the conflict but this event enabled us to hear and see just how deeply many of us feel about it and how it effects our daily lives”


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Our programs and webinars for September are now in preparation.




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