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Our Goals and Values

FODIP's remit is to host and facilitate sensitively inter faith dialogue on the Israeli Palestinian conflict, within and between Jews, Christians, Muslims and others in the UK, and to promote co-operation through dialogue.

Our Goals
  • To enable Jews, Christians, Muslims – and those of other faiths and none – to talk positively and sensitively together about Israel/Palestine.

  • To create and maintain safe spaces for difficult conversations.

  • To promote mutual trust as the foundation for building good relations.

  • To provide opportunities to share and to listen to different perspectives.

  • To welcome challenging discourse.

Our Values

Promoting understanding, empathy and respect between individuals and communities, valuing our common humanity.

Our Parameters
  • Independent of any one faith or religious body.

  • Embedded in the UK conversation.

  • No one shared political position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

  • Transparency in meeting our goals and values, especially in relation to funding.

FODIP works through
  • Hosting events for speakers and organisations from the region.

  • Academic working groups.

  • Using established networks and providing a consultancy on related issues.

  • Issuing regular bulletins and up-dates.

  • Advice and Information.

  • Learn how to facilitate conversations locally through our ‘Hear to Hear’ method.

  • FODIP acts as a link and a resource for local and national organisations and for religious institutions.

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