Our Background

FODIP was set up in 2008 by those with an extensive background in inter faith relations in the UK. We realised that, in spite of all the very good work which goes on in this country, the one topic which threatened to derail good relations was – Palestine/Israel

Our experience in dialogue, facilitation and issues in the Middle East led us to formulate approaches which enable positive conversations on this difficult topic, even where those engaged have radically different perspectives.

Not everyone wants to broach this topic because it is emotive, and often involves questions as diverse as identity, religious texts and British society. However, when something happens which puts the region in the headlines, or when the topic comes up in normal dialogue, responses can threaten to destroy all the goodwill which has grown up between communities.

Those involved with FODIP have their own views and experiences, coming from Jewish, Christian and Muslim backgrounds, but are committed to working for understanding of other perspectives, hearing the voices – however difficult - and being a positive force in our society.

‘Don’t be part of the conflict; be part of the solution.’