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No upcoming Webinars but see below for our past Webinars

Conversation with Bassam Aramin, Rami Elhanan & author Colum McCann of award-winning 'Apeirogon'

Tuesday 1st March 2022, via Zoom at 18.00 pm BST

FODIP in partnership with European Network for Religion and Belief and Civil Society Consulting are delighted to welcome Bassam Aramin, a Palestinian and Rami Elhana, an Israeli: two men with much in common, sadly, losing their daughters. They will join us on line as part to share their story together with Irish author Colum McCann who told the story of their friendship and loss through his award-winning novel Apeirogon. 'Apeirogon' encapsulates the loss both fathers suffered whilst attempting to address the Palestine Israel dilemma.

Participation is free, contributions and donations are welcome which will support Rami and Bassam’s interfaith work through the Abir Smadar Foundation - named after their daughters.


FODIP Tough Options group visiting Rami and Bassam during the Jerusalem Dialogue Seminar in July 2019.

Date: 2nd November 2023, Thursday. 19:15

Imam and Rabbi: Fodip hosted a webinar with Imam Qari Asim MBE and Rabbi Margaret Jacobi to share the impact of the current events in Israel and Palestine on communities in the UK. This was an attempt to bring the communities together and share their emotions regarding the events.

Imam and Rabbi.png

Date: 29th November 2023, Wednesday. 15:30-17:30

Vigil: We requested several faith leaders to join us in praying or reflecting for 5 minutes. This was followed by silence in respect for the innocent children who are caught up in the suffering. This was an expression of yearning for peace, safety, and a secure future for all.

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