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Lord Harries of Pentregarth, former Bishop of Oxford, has written extensively on the ‘Abrahamic
faiths’ as well as on Christian theology dealing with matters including ethics, secularism and war and
peace. Former Dean of Kings College, London, Professor Harries was Chair of the Council of
Christians and Jews and founded the Oxford Jewish Christian Muslim dialogue group.

Shaykh Dr Abdal Hakim Murad (Tim Winter) is Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Divinity,
University of Cambridge, and is acknowledged as a leading Islamic scholar in Britain. His inter faith

work includes joint editorship of Abraham’s Children (2006) with Lord Harries and Rabbi Norman

Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield is a former Head of the Movement for Reform Judaism and a President of the Council
of Christians and Jews. A pioneer of serious inter faith dialogue in Britain, he has spoken and written
extensively on the process and his collaborative publications include Dialogue with a Difference
(1992), He Kissed Him and They Wept: Towards a Theology of Partnership (2001) and Deep Calls to
Deep (2017) jointly edited with Alan Race and Ataullah Siddiqui.